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Diagnostic x-rays provide information about medical conditions.

  • 15 minutes
  • Price varies
  • Sunny Beach

Service Description

X-rays can be used to look at bones as well as other structures inside your body such as the lungs and bowel. X-rays are also used to see other things which may be inside the body such as a joint replacement, swallowed coins or other metals, or a kidney stone. Preparation Mostly, x-rays do not require any preparation. Duration Depending on the part of the body x-rayed, you may need to stand, sit on a chair or lie down on the x-ray table. The radiographer will explain what is required and make sure you are comfortable. The time it takes to do x-rays depends on what part of the body is x-rayed. However, they usually take between 10 and 20 minutes. Risks / Side effects All x-rays involve exposure to radiation. The radiation exposure from an x-ray will vary with the type of scan and the size of the patient. The x-ray beam is limited to the area being imaged to reduce the radiation dose as low as possible. Pregnant women are encouraged to minimise exposure to radiation unless it is deemed necessary. It is important to tell our staff if there is any chance you may be pregnant before booking your appointment.

Contact Details

  • Saint Nicholas Medical Center - Sunny Beach Медицинский Центр Святой Николай - Солнечный берег, Лагуна Парк, Слънчев бряг, България

    +359 894 559 900

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